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the accident insurance
the services

you have the possibility, in addition to the legal a personal accident insurance which is to be procured?to expand your insurance protection. This is meant to be, if a simple «accident insurance». It comes in a previously agreed High for the consequences of an accident. Provided that this complies with the criteria of an accident – a plotzliches, of au?en-acting an event and there are no other restrictions Anke gives the clauses, it is irrelevant for the insurance benefit, in which relation has occurred.

The completion of a private accident insurance you have the choice of whether you in case of an emergency, a payment. a monthly income, or both wish. The former can be the high cost in the initial phase – for example, if modifications in the house are necessary – the latter compensates for durable financial Breakdowns.

in addition to the contractually stipulated financial contribution includes the private accident insurance at desire, for example, the following benefits :



  • hospital daily benefit
  • the

  • kurkosten aid
  • the

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • the

  • immediately benefits in the case of serious injury
  • the

  • benefits in case of bone breaks
  • the

  • rescue costs
  • the

  • benefits for accidental death

the Statutory vs. private accident insurance

In the private accident insurance can – at the request of the customers — additional services, or an appreciation of the tariff, will be included.

In the context of a private accident insurance can be arranged, in General, a Progression. This is a percentage which increases the withdrawal of the invalidity sum. The insurance company sets a certain progression framework from which the Insured can be. In General, the High level of Progression between 300% and 500%.

The benefits of a Progression to higher payouts in the upper invalidism area (> 65%) and the possibility of a reduced basic sum insured (plus high Progression) a concerning clearly?ig favourable accident insurance with a good total to obtain the sum.

It is important to note that a Progression is never linear, and usually only after an invalidism degree about 25% of attacks. The payment of an insurance sum is determined according to the invalidity degree. In the case of a higher degree of Invalidism, the payout falls sum, therefore, according to gro?he as in insurance rates without Progression. At the same time the Insurance premium as a result, concerning can?ig will be kept to a minimum. However, this also means that after Accidents with mild invalidism degrees less compensation is maturing. For this reason, it is usually wise for a higher basic sum plus a medium Progression (300% to 350%).

the advantages and disadvantages

It is in the nature of Accidents that they happen completely unexpectedly – caution alone is not a sufficient protection. Accident insurance is not only for people with risky Occupations or Hobbies are useful, even if they are compared with natural gefahrdeter. A overview of the pros and cons can help you with the decision:

benefits accident insurance:



  • after the accident, the money can be used in the cost to Cover the immediate and sometimes very high follow-up
  • the

  • it Creates as an accident pension, a permanent compensation for financial Einbu?or increasing expenditure
  • the

  • Alternative for persons with no vocational inability insurance get
  • the

  • As a pure accident insurance compared to accident insurance pension rights cheap UK
  • the

  • High insurance sum in case of Invalidism without a professional inability
  • the

  • Individually optimal protection by extra options selectable monitoring of services and policies for specific target groups

cons accident insurance:



  • Pays only for Accidents, disease as a frequent cause of Invalidity is the exception
  • the

  • The bonus for accident pension is relatively high, one-time payment but

  • contractual clauses as well as the performance of the losing and disclaimers must be checked in order to avoid misunderstanding knowledge and false expectations

the collective choice and cost

As a customer, you expect your private accident insurance is favorable and good performance offers. But when it is a good price-performance-ratio. If you compare the accident insurance online, you will find that a very cheap accident insurance can be from about 50 euros. The actual your contributions depends, however, on various factors.

belong in the Main:


  • age of the policyholder
  • the

  • type of professional activity
  • the

  • Selected services
  • the

  • additional options
  • the

  • contract term
  • the

  • Personal factors (eg. risky Hobbies, activities in the public service)
  • the

  • number of insured persons

more Important than the premium high, the services included are a comparison of the accident insurance. The first prerequisite has to be a degree that you later get exactly the performance you expect. Before an accident, insurance comparison, you should think of exactly what wishes do you have for the Police.

the following features are recommended:



  • benefits from 1% Invalidism
  • the

  • Temporally and locally fully restricted protection
  • the

  • Sufficiently high sum insured of at least € 25,000 at 25% Invalidity, EUR 100,000 at 50% and EUR 500,000 in the case of 100% Invalidity
  • the

  • contract conditions no worse than the model terms and conditions of the General Association of the German insurance industry – preferably even less Disclaimers

If you look at the accident insurance in the comparison, you should also pay attention to the fact that the whole of individual claims, for example, that dive damage typical health or the Rooming-in are taken in in the hospital after the accident of a child.

to detect whether it is an offer for a good and cheap accident insurance, can be in addition to a private insurance comparison is also a Test for accident insurance policy is very revealing. This went through Magazine and consumer organizations occasionally and give a good overview of the market. Very export addresses Stiftung Warentest has created your Test for accident insurance. It identifies the main contains special services and comes to the conclusion that a good policy is only for a three-digit year contribution. The test winner costs about 200 Euro in the year, Nationals of a high risk group must reckon with substantial Pitch. In addition to a General Test for private accident insurance, the consumer organisation has taken into account, in addition, the best policies for the elderly.

such a Test is So insightful but also, it does not replace your own comparison of the accident insurance. the Online you can this is especially convenient and extensive transit and, where appropriate, the relevant documents request.

the questions and answers
the I already have a Berufsunfähigkeits additional insurance. I need überhaupt nor is an accident insurance?

Yes, not every accident leads to integration of a professional inability. The accident power can then compensate for, e.g., a one-time cost for the hospital stay, and income breakdowns or necessary structural adjustments of the personal life environment. This means for you is that by an accident insurance, the lack of capital performance of the berufsunf ahigkeits-additional insurance will be compensated. For example, daily hospital cash, recovery of money, etc.

the will I Get from the accident insurance, even money, if I receive a pension from the social insurance?

Yes. One of the benefits of private accident insurance is that services provided by other carriers are not counted.

the the accident insurance Is valid only in the private sector, or even in the profession?

The private accident insurance this covers you around the clock and around the world against the financial consequences of an accident. This applies of course also for the professional activity and the associated accidents. Should you receive due to an accident at work benefits from the statutory insurance, will not be credited to the private accident insurance on these claims. The compensation you receive additional!

Important: changes in the professional activity after the beginning of the contract are to be reported to the insurer. Certain occupational groups that are classified as particularly endangered, or only against a contribution surcharge to be insured by some insurance companies.

the Is my accident insurance in a foreign country?
the I also Sport full coverage?

In the context of their private accident insurance is also hedged their normal sports operation in full. Exceptions apply under certain circumstances, for especially dangerous sports like deep-sea diving, the Imports of air sports and aircraft, bungee jumping or Similar. Also if you are high-performance sports with on a regular basis?owned betting operate fight, this is to give the insurer, to be known.

the My Car insurer has offered me a passenger accident insurance. This?

no. Vehicle occupant accident insurance, you only receive a compensation if you suffer an accident as a passenger of a vehicle. Private accident insurance offers you, in addition, a 24-hour worldwide insurance protection. In the case of a motor Vehicle passenger insurance above are in addition to the sums insured is often not sufficient. A so-called flat-rate system was agreed to be divided the already low lump sums by the number of occupants. A private accident insurance is the better and cheaper Alternative.

the when will I get a life long pension?

annuity, you can additional in your contract include?en. The agreed pension amount is paid as a monthly Supplement to the other agreed Capital…. After an Accident, the accident pension for life. Some insurers, pension recognize the level of claims from the Invalidism of 50%.

the What is the difference between the private and the statutory accident insurance?

The statutory accident insurance of the professional associations and communities is a compulsory insurance for all persons in a service-, work -, or training relationship. In addition, are nurseries children in children, and Kindergarten, as well as pupils and students are insured. The contribution payment shall be made by the employer or the competent municipality. Insurance only for work accidents and accidents on the way to work.

accidents in the leisure time are not covered by the statutory accident insurance, this can only be done by a private accident insurance. The personal accident insurance provides you with worldwide, 24 hours a day accident insurance protection. Important to know is that the vast happened in the number of accidents in the leisure time.

the What is accident insurance?

The accident insurance covers only Accidents and not a General disease. An accident is always present, if you go through a plotzliches, of au?s on the body-acting event to suffer involuntarily to a health damage.

The death benefit will be paid if the insured Person dies within one year from the consequences of the accident.

The hospital daily benefit will be paid for each day of the accident-related stationary hospital treatment.

The Invalidism is normally paid, depending on the contractual agreement as a single lump sum. If as a result of an accident, your body will be impaired or mental performance, in whole or in part, permanently affect the quality of a Invalidism. You will receive in case of full Invalidity, the full, part of the the invalidism degree corresponding part of the invalidity total invalidity paid as capital.

The annuity will give you the degree in the agreed High already from one of Invalidism. 50% paid monthly. And for a lifetime.

The Transition in the user-defined High is provided if, after a period of three to six months after the occurrence of the accident without the involvement of illnesses or infirmities, nor an accident-related impairments is Chapter the physical or mental capacity of more than 50%, and these impairments Chapter until then continuously passed. Further services, such as, for example, the reimbursement of rescue costs to be agreed, the costs of a cosmetic surgery or Kurkosten after an accident can also be, but are also often post-free with included.

the What Höheight of the hedge is für me useful?

A General recommendation is to give serious, since the need for protection of own capital retention certificates and your previous standard of living depends. The most Important thing is that high invalidism levels are well covered; other services, such as, for example, death benefit or hospital benefit can be neglected, however, is rather neglected in the course of.

The accident insurance for the preservation of their comfort in a changed life situation is important. For the protection of survivors, there are other insurance products. If you want to protect, for example, a high death benefit, we recommend a risk life insurance and accident insurance, as this is the only life insurance also covers the event of death by disease.

For younger people, without any other Precaution, it is recommended in the context of an accident insurance, the five — to-seven times the gross income in the case of full invalidity. It is recommended that a high level of Progression (collective power), since only the full invalidity of a really high hedging needs. Example: $ 250,000 for the hedging in case of full invalidity can be achieved with a basic sum of EUR 62,500, and 400% Progression (400% from 62,500).

Description of the article: accident insurance private accident insurance in case of an emergency secured well. Now, compare fares and cheap & powerful accident insurance!

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