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the car insurance comparison — up to 850 GBP save
in a nutshell: Important car insurance

    UK in the case of fully comprehensive insurance reduce

keep a higher self and an agreed workshop binding can the UK be fully lowered to fully comprehensive insurance. the driving beginners in the case of parents co-insured

Under certain conditions, travel beginners can in the case of the insurance of the parents in SF ? determined to be change, i.e., well 230 to about 140 percent. the discount protection

In smaller SF classes can result in the discount protection make sense to have to not automatically after an accident is much higher insurance UK pay. The surcharge amounts to about 15 to 20 percent. the replacement value compensation

new cars can be insured by a replacement value compensation for up to 24 months after initial registration to the actual handler price, if it comes to a total damage.

a Few insurance companies are so useful and so much savings mountains at the same time potential as the car insurance. Not forced in the case of the legally required Car insurance. the Automobile liability insurance. But especially in the case of hull insurance, the different features and benefits. A fully comprehensive insurance for the worth of each type of vehicle? What is with the protection of self-harm?

the auto insurance as a prerequisite for admission

The concept of car insurance is ambiguous, because behind it is liability insurance, collision insurance, as well as letters of Protection and transport, conceal the legal protection insurance.

can allow To be in Germany to have a car, you need proof of Automobile liability insurance provide. Thus, all claims for Damages from the accident welded damaged to be covered caused by your vehicle. Not you as a driver, but the vehicle is insured in the case – as in Germany, riders and holders alike?en can be held liable.

This car insurance can you in the case of any insurance closing company?en, unless you were insured with the same insurance already. Then you can reject your application. You can use the comparison of FinanceScout24 to find in a few steps, the effective offer.

the damage to the vehicle cover

The CASCO insurance is divided into partial cover — and fully comprehensive insurance. With the first option, you insure yourself against damage to your own vehicle, for example by fire, theft or glass breakage. Also, severe weather damage, like hail, storm, lightning, or seems like a deluge insurance coverage. Here, strict requirements, and not every insurance companies apply the same level of performance.

the annual premium is Calculated on the basis of the type class of the vehicle. Your no claims discount remains, however, unberucksichtigt. If you have had within the last 24 months prior to the application of a damage, no matter whether it is liability or full coverage insurance, you need to specify. It is a higher insurance premium is calculated. However, you will not be downgraded in the case of claims-free years to return.

With the full insurance you can in addition to damage to your own vehicle insurance. Especially vandalism, as well as self-inflicted accident, taken to be damage underneath. It is a Supplement to CDW and closing?t everything is insured, with a. Nevertheless, you can regardless of the part of the hull a different deductible options to reduce the insurance premium. On the other hand, you can benefit in the case of Loss of a proportionately lower contribution for the part of the insurance. As above mentioned, there are damage within the part of the hull, however, insignificant for their respective no-claims discount.

tip: contribution to calculation of car insurance

both forms of insurance, the type class classification, as well as the regional class (place of residence) play a role in the contribution calculation. By a higher self-share (deductible) can you reduce the post to part 30 percent and more.

the So, the car insurance more convenient

prior to the completion of you should think how to find a as effective but suitable for your car insurance. Here are a few starting points:


    scope of insurance check

to save

in order To money, you should consider what insurance protection you need is actually. Many services are only recommended for particularly expensive vehicles, or starting at a certain damage freedom class. Especially in the case of vehicles, the age of six years, the loss in value is so great, that fully comprehensive insurance is no longer worth it. the contribution uberdenken

Parallel to this, the partial coverage insurance with the appropriate deductibles can be reduced to the far post. In the event of damage, you had to pay a higher amount yourself, save Contribute, but the regular. the type class to calculate when buying a vehicle

Also on the type of contribution for the insurance. The lower this is, the more potential savings you can take advantage of. You look in the type classes directory and compare them before you a specific vehicle. Especially in the Small — and medium-class segment, the actual differences are small, nevertheless the savings in the triple-digit range are possible. the driving safety training

A few insurance companies provide a discount of five per cent, or more, if you participate in a driver safety training. It is sufficient and often alone on the attendance. Most of these insurance providers that provide also training in driving safety. the mileage limit

Au?also, it may not be advisable to exceed a certain mileage, and thus as a «little driver» by price diminish benefit. You can calculate here, but great?drafty, not to exceed accidentally the agreed mileage. the driving beginners save

There are some savings tips for driving beginners. So it makes sense your own car uber is a father or a mother, first to register. It will then be in the SF ? insured, with approximately 140 percent. Assuming the first car is appropriately classified. Some insurance companies give these «parental bonus», which is the most expensive entry-level insurance can be avoided, often with 230 percent. the no-claims discounts transfer

transferred to An Alternative product, no-claims discounts. Here are different conditions, depending on the insurance apply. The uber driver can’t use it then. Question Gro, for example,?parents who are no longer practical to and, therefore, their SF is not dependent. the Gross negligence

do not Assure you of a rough ride with let, save you for the Help. However, they can cost an error quickly the insurance protection. the passenger /driver accident insurance

Because the inmates be compensated in case of an accident by the Car insurance and the driver with a General accident insurance, extensive protection is entitled to this additional feature in the rule unnecessarily. the safety letter

letters of Protection are popular and a car insurance comparison shows that they are already a part of many deals. They cover costs incurred in the event of breakdown, for example by a towing service or rental car. the — coverage

By increasing the amount of coverage, expand the financial framework in which the insurance covers damage. High coverage levels are Standard for many providers.

the With the Discount save?

tolerated, such As in the case of Electricity, pays for car insurance on a regular basis?ige comparison. The tariffs of the individual insurance policies are highly different, differences of several hundred euros are not uncommon.

you can Use the insurance calculator on FinanceScout24. This leads step by step through all the necessary information and lists the corresponding quotations in chronological order.

Important tariff details and specifics of the tariff with a single click. However, even with adjustments to the Contract or extensions, you can save contributions, or of better benefit. More frequently a Form of the discount protection is selected. This is to protect them, right after an accident damage to be back stepped.

to have

And thus forced higher insurance contributions to pay. For this exercise, you must be at least 23 years old and a damage freedom class of 4 or 6 grouting. Depending on the provider, two claims per calendar year are even unberucksichtigt. In the following year you can then about the same conditions a higher damage freedom class.

As a choice option, the discount protection will cost about 15 to 20 percent, in addition, he is liability and fully comprehensive can be used. This can, however, be more convenient, because depending on the amount of the damage freedom class a ruck downgrade was amount to several hundred euros more contribution.

problems can occur when changing the insurance because the new insurance taken into account for any damage at the time of premium calculation. The discount Savior, however, the Alternative to the discount protection can only be from SF 25 selected. Here is a slight jolt-grading takes place after a self-inflicted accident.

tip: workshop binding agree

you Agree to workshop and bond, to receive more discounts to the insurance company. The advantage of au is?moreover, the fact that the insurance only works with seriosen company. The risk of Bungling in the repair is low, frequently there are also comfort benefits such as a workshop for the repair or cost of car during free Towing from the scene of the accident.

the Useful additional clauses in new vehicles

The car insurance comparison, it is especially on the contribution, but also on the collective characteristics. This could be the decisive reason to switch the car insurance.

especially in the case of expensive new cars is the loss in value within the first half-year large. The vehicle suffers damage, then a total, for only a low replacement value for a «comparable vehicle».

therefore, It makes may make sense to agree on within the insurance cover, a as long as the replacement value compensation. Depending on the provider, run times are up to 24 months from the initial registration possible. Will be refunded the amount you have paid actually to the dealer for the car. Note, however, that in the year or drove up to this period the car at first registration by the Handler is about to begin. It is, therefore, possible that this new value uses compensation only for a short period of time.

Often quarrel policyholders on reimbursement of special accessories, if these are stolen from the vehicle. Within the CASCO insurance, theft insurance, but only in relation to fixed parts. For example, alarm systems or integrated navigation devices. You can do this then maximum values, which can be especially high-quality equipment to the Problem. What is specifically covered under the policy, list the insurance in a catalog. In many cases, more can devices to be trapped, and also higher compensation sums against extra charge are insurable.

the step-by-Step car insurance

With the car insurance comparison of FinanceScout24, you can find the right insurance for guarantees on your New or used car:


  1. election of the insured vehicle and the input of General data

Enter the location code and make information on brand and model. You can choose either a selection menu for the appropriate vehicle, or the vehicle registration certificate with all relevant information.

In the same step, you specify whether newly admitted or merely a change of insurance occurs. To do this, you must explain whether there is a season admission, and who’s vehicle is the holder.


  • usage and annual travel performance

    Now the use should be described. The annual driving performance as well as personal details of the policyholder to be queried.

  • the

  • insurance options

    In this step, you can select the performance characteristics. You will find descriptions and explanations.

  • the

  • discounts options

    Now you can enter your discounts and the form of payment selections for car insurance. Don’t worry, this information is only needed for the calculation of the tariff. This is not yet final. There is also no specific account data will be requested.

  • the

  • conclusion in the comparison calculator

    In this step, you can calculate your desired car insurance, the most important tariff compare details and direct online final?en.the

    After the conclusion of the insurance, you will receive a so-called eVB number. with this number, you are clearly identifiable and can admission.

    Thus, a «provisional cover», it shall apply for approval and an indication of the eVB is connected to the number at the time of admission. You are a genius?en documents continues to be a 14-tagiges right of withdrawal starting from the receipt of the insurance. You can then, without giving reasons, from the contract back.

  • the Old car insurance experts

    Are you dissatisfied with your policy or you have found the car insurance comparison a better rate, you can cancel your current policy. However, this is only in certain situations, possible:



    • Regular termination. A termination at the end of the term, must the insurer up to the 30.11. reach – if the term of the contract ends with him traditionally with the calendar year. In the meantime, the is, however, more and more providers of the case, check your contract.
    • the

    • change of vehicles and new registrations. Your contract is only valid for a specific vehicle. You buy another car – whether new or used – you are not tied to him or the provider.
    • the

    • In the event of damage. Regardless of whether your insurer has paid or not, you can after a case of damage, within one month after the liquidation, your contract end. The insurance company may not settle in this case the full annual premium.
    • the

    • In the case of an increase in the Contribution. An increase of contributions or a change of the insurance conditions, a special termination right, which you can use within a month.

    The denunciation itself with the help of the sample letter of FinanceScout24 quite simple. Since the providers, there is keen competition, for most of the vehicles provides for more advantageous rates. Therefore, it is useful, a comparison of the car insurance through feeds, if the opportunity to a cancellation – at least so once in a year.

    the questions and answers
    the How expensive is a car insurance?

    to be classified depends on whether you have Pre-loss, in which regional class (place of residence) and, in the case of full insurance, in which damage freedom class, they are divided.

    in Principle, can be reduced the insurance premium by choosing a higher deductible. Also, combinations of partial and full insurance have a possibility to save money. The comprehensive insurance contains all the power components of the CDW, here you can comparing to FinanceScout24 with different deductibles. A workshop binding, driving safety courses, or a transfer of no-claims classes, further savings are possible.

    the What do I need to as Fahranfänger be aware of?

    As the driving beginners for insurance an increased risk, because relatively speaking, they are involved more often in Accidents,. The classification in the damage freedom class 0 means the beginning of also directly to 230 per cent in the car insurance.

    A variant of the product to register it, the car is about a mother or father. The second freedom-class car, then in the Claims ? be divided, which means 140 per cent. Assuming your parents can even such an SF class. Similar is possible, if the same car is selected insurance. More percentages you will receive certificate of attendance of a driving safety training. Most insurance companies will reward that with a five percent rebate.

    for More information, see our guide for driving beginners .

    the Can I claim categories of the Großparents üaccept?

    In the case of kinship nits retention can in the first degree, or a connection in the same household, under certain conditions, SF-classes will be transferred. You have to make as a driver, however credible, that the vehicle on a regular basis?ig was used.

    Also, the transmission is limited. In the High, as you yourself Drove after receipt of the notification, an SF-class can reach. After two years of SF 2 is so maximum possible, all the rest of SF classes will be forfeited.

    the Can I complete any of the car insurance kü?

    Basically, you can expert insurance policies a year. However, you should cancel your insurance until the new insurance company has accepted the application actually. Ends your car insurance to 1. January, then the termination on the reporting date 30. November by the insurer to be received.

    There is a one-month termination period applies here. A year term has been agreed, this period shall apply accordingly. A special cancellation right you have, if the contribution is unilaterally raised or the conditions of the contract. Even after a regulated case of damage, you can au?erplanma?ig fold. This does not however apply to the vehicle change, because here can, other time limits apply. The Insurance of the used car ends when you have finished with the eVB number to carry out an independent insurance policy.

    the what time is benötige I have a eVB, and where can I get this?

    The abbreviation «eVB» stands for «electronic insurance confirmation» and the proof uber is a «provisional cover» within automotive liability insurance. Without this confirmation that an insurance policy insures your vehicle, it can be used at the registration office not approved. Also in the case of personal changes, the eVB must be specified. It consists of seven characters and six months after the issuance of valid. It is to be a «permanent» insurance confirmation, after the insurance has been finished.

    for More information, see our guide to the eVB number .

    the What are my obligations in fully comprehensive insurance?

    Are you involved in an accident, you must, within one week of a claim to the insurance company to provide. Au?besides, you are obliged to mitigate the damage as much as possible, and to investigating the circumstances of the Accident. Rough driving lassiges Action limits, or to the complete exclusion of imports. Also in the case of intent or, for example car racing, the full comprehensive insurance does not pay.

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