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the gas comparison: tariffs and Gasbieter in comparison!

With the gas comparison by Verivox, you can find the cheapest gas supplier in your area and the available gas tariffs. The gas comparison account for new customers available offers for Gas and shows you how much money you can with a change of Gas supplier a year to save.

the gas comparison: What for?

The gas prices for private consumers are subject to, especially in the heating period of strong fluctuations. A gas comparison and a subsequent?the final switching to a cheaper gas supplier your household costs, depending on your place of residence, to several hundred euros lower. Our gas comparison shows you which gas supplier currently has the cheapest Tariff and how much money can you save by changing supplier. Since the German households can, on average, between about 70 providers to decide, is it worth a gas comparison in most cases.

the What you need for a gas comparison?

For a gas comparison, you need only your zip code, your annual consumption of gas in kilowatt-hours and the heat output in kilowatts. The Gasrechner you are done for the Rest. The exact number of kilowatt-hours and the corresponding heating output can be found in the last annual statement. Who has not this existence, in front of the gas comparison of its gas consumption estimate.

the gas comparison. And then?

most gas suppliers offer Online forms that will be provided in our Gasrechner directly to the gas comparison available. They opted for a new Tariff, the appropriate form with a minimum of effort in a short period of time fill out. The gas supplier exchange, you can give directly to the gas comparison in order. To the Hand, you should have the current status of the Gaszahlers and the number of number and the customer number of the current gas supplier. The termination of the old supplier and the further change in the arrangements for subsequent care?end of the new supplier. You should note that a change of Gas supplier can take at least 6 weeks and always at the first of the month is carried out. Anyone who is uncertain and questions about the gas comparison or the change of Gas supplier has, using our Service Hotline, to obtain free of charge for more information and obligation-free advice.

the of The regular?IPI gas comparison worth

Since the energy market in General is very dynamic, you should have a gas comparison in on a regular basis?intervals. At the latest however before expiry of the cancellation period of their own contract a view on the current gas market. This is because many suppliers are lowering or raising the gas prices of the different tariffs before and after the heating season. Especially to increases, you should react as a consumer, with a change of provider. Who gets a gas price increase communicated, within 14 days of its special termination right, then?end the gas supplier again change. A regular basis?sodium gas comparison is worthwhile.

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Source: gas comparison with Verivox: A gas comparison saves you a lot of money!

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